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Complete your divorce

$ 299

Uncontested divorce, annulment, legal separation

All 50 US states, Canada

Over 700,000 users

2 business days

Over 19 years of experience


The most extensive experience in the field. More satisfied users to date due to background of experience.Usability and ready time benchmark.

Price is above average. Long waiting time depending on the case.

QDRO, Quit claim deed, Expedited Shipping.

A good resource in which the process is conducted from A to Z. The price is more or less average.

Start Your Divorce Online Without Lawyer Fees

$ 139

Uncontested divorce, annulment, legal separation

All 50 US states, Canada

Over 500,000 users

1-2 days

Over 19 years of experience


Most user-friendly service on the market.Lowest wait time. Juiciest price on the market.

Long waiting time depending on the case.

QDRO, Quit claim deed, Expedited Shipping.

This service provides a full package of services for the registration of divorce documents at the lowest price. Very usable, with one of the fastest wait times out there. The client has access to a customizable case, including connections with his or her spouse.

Start your uncontested divorce online

$ 499

Uncontested divorce

All 50 US states

Over 25,000 users

3-4 days

Over 7 years of experience


Experts with solid background in the field of document servicing. Convenient questionnaire with flat fees. Notable customer support.

One of the highest prices on the market. Lack of provided services. Not available in Canada. Somewhat hard to use; longest wait times.

The service is not available in Canada, unlike the competitors. LegalZoom comes with one of the biggest prices on the market with a lack of additional features. However, the quality of service is above average.

Online Divorce Process is quick and easy

$ 149

Uncontested divorce, annulment, legal separation

All 50 US states, Canada

Over 10,000 users

2-3 business days

Over 5 years of experience


Good price and service quality.Simple instructions and responsive support. Notable usability.

Long wait time. Lack of experience

QDRO, Quit claim deed, Expedited Shipping.

The price is better than average, as is the wait time and shipping. One of the youngest companies in the divorce papers field. However, the company has come with fresh ideas and an easy-to-use interface.

The Completecase

company began operations in 2000 in Seattle with support offices in Waltham, MA. The company has spent more than 19 years creating a high-quality and affordable divorce service which guarantees reliable court-approved and state-specific uncontested divorce forms. At the moment, the site has helped more than 750,000 people get forms for divorce. The process of obtaining papers takes less than an hour, after which they can be sued.

To date, the company has earned a reputation as a reliable service divorce. The company has not gone unnoticed in media: ABC, CBS, NBC, and others have mentioned the company in their material.

The creators of LegalZoom

are well aware that the internet can be used as a tool to significantly simplify obtaining legal assistance for Americans. You can give it a try if you are looking for experts with a solid background in document support.

The company was founded in 2012 and provided ten web products back then. The main fields at that time were: property protection, business formation, and real estate planning. Over the years, the company has found new ways to provide legal assistance.

Years passed, during which the company acquired new experience and improved the services provided. They provide a new kind of legal assistance for clients seeking legal advice for their cases.


is not a law firm. However, it provides documentation drawn up by professional attorneys for the divorce procedure. You can use it any time you want, thanks to their smart schedule. With this service, everything is done in advance for the user thanks for more than 19 years of experience.

You can read general information about how the site works by reading the instructions provided. To obtain documents for divorce, you go through a questionnaire. Eventually, they will provide a package of documents for your divorce case in accordance with the laws of your state.

All you need to do is spend from 20 minutes to an hour, and after one or two days, you will get your divorce forms. Currently, over half a million users are satisfied with the services of OnlineDivorce, and the number continues to grow. The main principles of the company remain unchanged: to provide the client with quality service and ease of use.

A relatively young project with big ambitions and more than five years of experience. On this service, you can select the forms for divorce that fit your case and fill them out in accordance with the laws of the client’s state after you visit the website.

Currently, more than 10,000 users are satisfied with the service. The company always looking for new solutions to make their services better. It is worth noting the convenience of using the resource when accessing documents. A user can access the service via phone, tablet, or laptop.


provides user support online and by phone; the speed of work is also quite high.