In-Depth Review: Why Choose Online Divorce Forms

About the service

These days, the vast bulk of people prefer uncontested divorce. Many of them even represent themselves in front of the court without divorce attorneys. A simplified divorce is a real trend in the US now, as the recent statistics show. However, how can you sort out all the laws and rules with no assistance, and not miss any important detail? For those who seek the balance between high-cost contested divorce with the participation of the lawyer and an entirely DIY divorce with the need to take all responsibility - online divorce is the answer.

In brief, online divorce drafting services prepare all the paperwork for you. This is an alternative solution for those who do not want to overpay a lawyer but finds all these bureaucracies things complicated and annoying. Nowadays, plenty of platforms providing online divorce aid are still launching. Some of them work nationwide, while some cover only the particular states or counties, but their operating principle seems to be similar. Given this, how to choose one?

Things to consider when choosing the service
Among the relatively young companies, DivorceFiller is notable. In about five years in business, it deserved a high rating from over a 10,000 satisfied customers. But first things first. To understand whether this divorce site suits your case, please consider a few factors and characteristics that should help you decide.

Foremost, make sure that your divorce is uncontested. Neither you nor your spouse should have any claims and objections. To proceed with an online divorce service, the spouses’ intention to end the marriage should be mutual. In addition, they should be ready to resolve all the critical terms of their dissolution out-of-court. Otherwise, if one spouse wants to contest the lawsuit and hires an attorney, the other party cannot feel safe without legal representation. Correctly filled out documents and self-preparation for a hearing will not be enough.

If you are going to deal with a no-fault uncontested divorce, online preparation of documents can save your time and effort. However, notice that not all such companies work nationwide. Divorce forms are not a one-size-fits-all all over the US. Thus, some online divorce business works only with particular states or even counties. With DivorceFiller you don’t have to worry about that - the service covers all 50 US states and Canada. We customize all the provided divorce forms according to the client’s state and county of residence. All the peculiar filing rules and requirements which may differ from those in other US states or cities are taken into account.

The one more thing worth checking is the quality assurance claimed by the company. If the divorce forms contain any mistake, the court probably does not approve them. The plaintiff will have to start all over again. Given this, the client should think about how to make sure the company is reliable. Nobody wants to waste their money and time. DivorceFiller guarantees court-approval of the forms and states that otherwise, the customer’s expenses will be refunded.

What types of divorce are covered?
Many people who think about online divorce wonder whether it is possible to use it only in the simplest cases, for example, short-term marriage without minor children and marital property. The Family Law of some states (those which assume an option of simplified dissolution of the marriage) put forward such requirements. Many people think these are online divorce requirements though. Meanwhile, in fact, this does not apply to online divorce, at least not every online divorce drafting service.

You may use DivorceFiller regardless of whether you have children with your spouse or assets that you will divide in a divorce. DivorceFiller will provide all the necessary divorce forms related to these issues following the statute of your particular state. Divorce cases that involve children and property are not the easiest ones; However, they still have not necessarily to be contested. You may seek a divorce mediator to help establish a dialogue with your spouse and work on your marital agreement. You may attend a parenting class to prepare for sharing parenting liabilities. You may hire independent experts or lawyers to help with a different issue during the process. Online platforms like DivorceFiller do not provide legal advice; they are only responsible for preparing forms. But you can easily combine online preparation of divorce papers with any other tools to make your uncontested divorce smoother and quicker. Although DivorceFiller can be helpful for do-it-yourself divorce cases, not every online divorce must be a DIY one.


How to use the service
DivorceFiller is easy to use. Create your account on DivorceFiller. Then, you will be asked to check whether your case meets the requirements of online divorce. After that, your case is open, and you may move on at your own pace - to proceed immediately or continue when you have time. To order your divorce papers, carefully answer the questions of a detailed online interview. You should provide comprehensive information concerning your divorce case - its conditions and circumstances. All this data is confidential and needed to collect the relevant divorce forms, which would take into account all the peculiarities of the laws of your state and other significant details.

That’s how the process starts. The system analyzes your answers and creates a unique paperwork kit based on your situation. So, you can draft your divorce papers without leaving your home without interacting with the court staff, at any time of the day and night. You do not have to mess around with papers and read long instructions; you avoid notorious bureaucracy and save your time. Completed divorce forms are available online within 2-3 business days.

Remember, DivorceFiller is not a law firm, so it does not provide legal counseling. For the customers who want to learn more about the divorce procedure in their state, there is a summary for each US state and five Canadian provinces on the website. You can find information concerning such family law issues as residency requirements for divorce, peculiarities of an uncontested divorce, military divorce, child custody and support matters, alimony, the division of the property, and so on. These materials are also informational purposes only.

How to receive and submit completed paperwork
After 2-3 days, the divorce paperwork package is ready, and the client gets an email notification. Then the one logs into the DivorceFiller account and downloads the completed divorce forms along with the filing instructions. The documents are in PDF format - they are ready to be printed, signed, notarized, and submitted to the court. Although DivorceFiller is designed for use by one spouse, when it comes to ready paperwork, both parties have free and permanent access. After receiving the kit, you can review the forms and check all the details. If you have some edits or changes, you may contact customer support for help.

Learn the filing rules of your state, determine the court where you must file your case under the residency requirements of your state, and submit the Petition for Dissolution.

Ready Time

DivorceFiller allows you to fill out the necessary paperwork with no hustle, though an accurate filling out of the forms needs some time. The stated timeline of proceeding your case is 2-3 business days. In some cases may be quicker. But with bureaucracy matters, it is hard to predict. For example, most government websites provide only basic divorce forms, and if you need some additional papers, you should aside some time to go to the court clerk’s office. Not to mention the actual form filling. For the person without a legal background, the forms may seem pretty tricky, while any mistake can lead you back to the very start of the process. In its turn, DivorceFiller guarantees the exact time when you can get the completed and court-approval papers with no troubles.


Low cost is one of the most significant advantages of online divorce. What can affect the cost of divorce, and what does it include in this cost? For instance, a lawyer’s hourly rate for a contested divorce is about $300. Divorce lawyer takes on all the stages of a process from divorce strategy and paperwork to representing the client before the court. In an uncontested divorce, a lawyer charges a flat fee per case, which is usually about $700. So, an uncontested divorce is much cheaper even considering a lawyer’s assistance; however, in an uncontested divorce, the lawyer deals with the paperwork only. And that is exactly the same job which an online divorce service takes on. So, why pay more when you do not contest a divorce?

DivorceFiller offers its help at a flat fee of only $149. So, in theory, the total cost for divorce case may include nothing but online divorce fee + mandatory court filing fee ($50 to $450 depending on the state.)

Can I arrange a DIY divorce with DivorceFiller?

What is a DIY divorce?
Do-it-yourself divorce is a way to save money on an attorney and refers to pro se legal representation. The term “pro se divorce” means that a person advocates their interests during the court proceedings, rejecting legal help. Representing yourself in court is the constitutional right in the US; however, the lawyers do not recommend this approach in case of a contested divorce.As for an uncontested divorce, only you can evaluate your opportunities and decide whether this option is right for you.

We believe that you are ready for a DIY divorce if you have been married for less than five years, you do not have kids with your spouse, and you do not have common property or debts. However, in fact, the only question is whether you can negotiate with your spouse. If you can communicate efficiently and solve all the property and children matters, a DIY divorce is totally possible.

How DivorceFiller can help?
DIY divorce with a little help of DivorceFiller is a golden mean that incorporates both financial advantages of the do-it-yourself proceeding and assistance with the annoying paperwork. If your case is simple enough to be handled as DIY, you will not regret using DivorceFiller. Most divorcing spouses agree that gathering and filling out the forms is that part that can make an initially simple divorce process difficult.

The DivorceFiller team insists that it is better to be safe than sorry. For only $149, the customer can be sure that the paperwork would be approved at first try, as well as the divorce would be finalized as soon as possible and with minimum effort.

Customer support

DivorceFiller is quite an easy and self-explanatory service. But anyway, some matters still need to be clarified during the process. For that purpose, there is a professional and friendly customer support team. Anytime you need help or some additional instructions regarding your forms, you can send your questions to support staff through the contact form on the site.

Notice that customer support is not eligible to provide legal advice. They assist only with the forms filling process and consult on the service terms and operation of the site. All the information related to the legal aspect of divorce on the DivorceFiller website is informational purposes only.

Wrapping Up

  • Drafting divorce paperwork online is a regular practice these days. It allows the customer to save money and time and not to worry whether the paperwork would be completed correctly.
  • You may use online divorce services as a little aid in a DIY divorce, or you may combine different options. For example, to prepare divorce paperwork online, but to hire an independent lawyer or divorce mediator for the rest of the divorce matters.
  • Anyway, a young but already well-established company DivorceFiller guarantees that the court would approve your divorce papers. Otherwise, the platform assumes a refund of all costs.
  • Over 10,000 users have already chosen DivorceFiller and can recommend this service for reliability, affordable cost of $149, a high level of usability, and qualified customer support.

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Easy Navigation and support is always there if you may need help

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It doesn't take long at all to fill everything out. Just make sure you have all of the other party's information


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