LegalZoom Review:
In-Depth Divorce Papers Service Analysis

For many people, divorce is one of the most complicated and confusing periods in life. It is not only about emotional difficulties but also the intricacies of the legal procedure. Where to begin? What types of divorce are there? What do you need to file documents to the court by yourself? What is the price of mistakes? How long can a divorce procedure last? How to save money and avoid unnecessary problems?

To find answers to all these questions can definitely help LegalZoom online divorce service. In this review, you’ll find out what LegalZoom is, how it works and what its advantages are.

About the service

LegalZoom was founded in 1999. The founders were among the first who discovered the potential of the Internet in the field of legal assistance. Three years later, back in 2001, the company launched 10 Internet services related to real estate, business, and intellectual property protection. The company's popularity grew every year, and today LegalZoom has a solid reputation, millions of satisfied customers, dozens of services, including online divorce services.

Things to consider choosing an online divorce service
The online divorce service allows you to get ready-to-fill documents in accordance with all the details of the case, laws of the state in which you live. Before choosing a service for online divorce, be it LegalZoom, or any other, it is important to consider the following factors:

Court-approval guarantee
The online divorce service must ensure that the forms provided by the service comply with the laws of your state (or your spouse). Otherwise, court will reject the submission of documents and will need to go through the procedure again. This is fraught with another payment and a waste of time. LegalZoom has been working with government agencies for 20 years and constantly checks for updates in legislation to match the quality of the services provided.

Customer support
Having a reliable support service is also one of the key functions when choosing an online divorce service. Most clients have no experience in filling out papers for divorce. Besides, there may also be questions regarding the conditions and operation of the service. Each item can be fundamentally important, so you need to have access to a consultant who knows the answers. LegalZoom has a team of qualified consultants who will answer all questions regarding the service and what is included in the price. You can contact the call center by mail or live chat.

Waiting time duration
If you want to plan a divorce, it is important to know when the accompanying documents will be ready. LegalZoom prepares documents from 3 to 4 working days from the moment of filling in the questionnaire (this part of the procedure will be covered further). You can also apply for shipping of documents to your spouse to obtain a signature.

What types of divorce are covered?
Before you choose a service for online divorces, you should have an idea of ​​what type of divorce you are going through. The most convenient case for working with LegalZoom is an uncontested divorce. This means that both spouses decided to do the divorce procedure themselves, have no disputes about property, children, debts, etc. without hiring a lawyer. In this case, filling out the documents by yourself may seem too complicated and confusing. In addition, the price of a mistake is another visit to the court and another financial contribution for filing documents. LegalZoom does all the paperwork itself for you.


LegalZoom is a simple divorce drafting system. As a client, you only need to fill out the appropriate questionnaire. The answers will provide the service with the details of your case. After you have indicated your state and completed the questionnaire, LegalZoom will prepare the documents in accordance with the details of your case and local law without the need to contact a lawyer.

Consider how the procedure goes
You can review information about your state to find out what additional requirements for residence are. Why is this useful? There are cases when spouses live in different states. There is a possibility that your spouse's state, for example, has fewer divorce requirements, and it's more convenient to specify this state when completing the questionnaire. After that, you can work with your account.

Fill out the questionnaire
After you log into your account, you can go to the questionnaire. Your account will be active for one month. During this month, you can fill out the questionnaire at any convenient time. If needed, you can stop in the middle of the survey and come back to it later. Upon the expiration of the payment, you need to make a new cost to continue working with your account.

Listing of forms and filling
After completing the questionnaire, you can download documents in 3-4 days. The papers will be prepared in accordance with the details of your case and the requirements of the local court. All you need is to file documents in your court!


The monthly subscription to LegalZoom is $ 499, including all taxes and fees. This price is considered controversial, as there are companies in this area that offer similar services for a lower price. In exchange, you get guaranteed reliable service in the hands of qualified professionals.

Can I arrange DIY divorce with LegalZoom?

  • DIY divorce means that you are ready to take the procedure of divorce in your own hands, without seeking the services of a lawyer. To do this, you must be sure that there are no disagreements between you and your spouse regarding the property, financial resources, children, and others. In this case, using the services of LegalZoom can be a profitable idea.
  • If you haven’t experienced a divorce procedure before and have a poor understanding of how the ship system works, you may need help. The first idea that comes to mind is to use the services of a lawyer. You need someone to help fill out all the papers and provide information about the legal requirements of your state and how the procedure for filing papers with the court goes. But you should be ready that it can cost a fortune.
  • Using the services of LegalZoom, you get the same support, information, and even ready-made documents for filing in court. Here, you will save time because you can use the site from any device: computer, phone, or tablet. Although the price for LegalZoom services may seem high, even in this case, you can save three times more money.
  • In addition, the availability of ready-to-submit documents protects you from possible mistakes. With an incorrectly completed form, the court may refuse to accept the documents and request that the form be filled in properly. Filing a lawsuit can cost up to $450 in some states! In addition, you lose precious time.
  • At the same time, LegalZoom is not a law firm. The only function of this company is to help fill out the documents in accordance with the laws of a state.

Customer support

LegalZoom knows that almost every client can have some questions. This is not surprising since the legal side of the divorce procedure includes dozens of different points that ordinary people encounter for the first time. In this regard, the company provides a qualified support staff. You can ask a question by calling the specified phone number of the call-center, email, or contact a representative in the live chat on the site.

LegalZoom support is active from Monday to Friday during business hours. A representative of the company will answer all your questions regarding the work of the service, the timeliness of the papers, the questions in the questionnaire, and so on

Note: LegalZoom does not have the legal right to provide legal advice in any form to its clients.

Wrapping Up

  • LegalZoom is a team with 20 years of experience in legal assistance. Although a good deal may find the price for services too high, and the time for preparing documents is too long (3-4 working days, while other services have 2 days) - the company has its advantages. First and foremost is the experience. LegalZoom has been on the market for over 20 years and has a happy customer base.
  • The advantages of the online divorce service are not hard to see - instead of spending hours studying the bureaucratic nuances that you will hopefully never need again, you will spend about 30 minutes completing a simple questionnaire and get ready documents to file with the court. There is no need to choose between hundreds of lawyers and saving money to pay them. LegalZoom solves most of your questions about filing papers for divorce.

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