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In-Depth Review: Why You Should Choose Online Divorce Forms

These days, the majority of divorcing spouses in the US seem to favor a quick and uncontested dissolution. Drawn-out court battles and high-cost legal aid are no longer in vogue. People are eager to simplify the procedure – to cut costs, shorten the divorce timeline, as well as to keep a healthy relationship with the ex for the sake of shared children. As a response to this demand, various divorce services and tools continue to develop. Online preparation of divorce forms is one of them, and is one of the most popular and reliable services in this field.

OnlineDivorce is not a law firm that offers some additional features, but rather a full-fledged divorce drafting service. In the business for over 19 years, OnlineDivorce has gained a reputation as a transparent outfit and one of the most-visited online divorce sites.

Things to consider when choosing this service

When deciding whether to start your divorce online, you should be sure you are not going to contest your case. If your divorce is of the no-fault variety, and both you and your spouse have agreed to end the marriage, you may consider an online divorce.

Although it may seem like all online divorce services have a similar operational principle, each of them has its unique features

  • You probably know that you are eligible to file for divorce in your current place of residence only, and that residency requirements vary depending on state law. Some online services cover only certain states or cities, so you should double-check this. However, there are no boundaries for OnlineDivorce – the service is available across all 50 states, and Canada as well. This means that regardless of what state and even county you live in, this service can provide you with the relevant divorce forms and complete them according to the specific local rules.
  • One more important matter is whether the forms will be approved by the court. As for OnlineDivorce, the message follows from the previous one. Given that it is available in many localities, OnlineDivorce takes into account a variety of laws, forms, and filing rules. The company stays on top of all relevant changes in legislation to ensure approval of the prepared divorce forms by any court. Moreover, as stated on’s homepage, the service guarantees that the divorce forms will be prepared correctly and approved by the court. In cases of failure, OnlineDivorce pledges to refund the customer's money. This warranty is a sign of a qualified and reliable company.
  • Reviews and client feedback should not be neglected either. has a rating of “Great” on the popular website, which provides unfiltered ratings and reviews. In addition, the service has been mentioned by the likes of USA Today, Good Morning America, Time Magazine, and more. This provides extra evidence of the company’s long and productive tenure in the divorce market.

What types of divorce are covered

People who want to contest a divorce typically hire an attorney, and this attorney prepares all the divorce paperwork for them as well. Although pro se legal representation in a divorce is recognized in the US, lawyers usually warn couples against this option in contested divorces.

Divorce drafting services are more applicable for uncontested cases where properly prepared paperwork is perhaps the hardest issue. However, with regard to the various types of uncontested divorces, OnlineDivorce works for all of them. Thus, it does not matter whether you have children from the marriage, or whether you have assets to divide. Similarly, it does not matter whether one of the spouses is a military member, or whether the marriage is same-sex or different-sex. OnlineDivorce provides all the forms you need to dissolve a marriage. You simply have to provide data on your particular circumstances by filling out a questionnaire on the website.

  • Foremost, make sure you want to get divorced. Joking, of course, but with the process going forward will be so swift that you’ve got to be ready for this.
  • Log in to, and using the short form on the homepage, check whether you qualify for an online divorce.
  • OnlineDivorce provides brief information related to the divorce laws of each American state and Canadian province. Learn about recognized types of divorce, mandatory waiting periods (if any), peculiarities of the procedure, timelines, court fees, and residency requirements in your state (or province). Notice that you are eligible to file for divorce in the state where you or your spouse currently reside. So if you live in different states, you can apply for divorce in either state, provided your couple meets the residency requirements. You may choose the one with more beneficial terms (eg. shorter waiting period, lower court filing fee, more convenient custody rules, recognized Joint Petition for Divorce, simplified divorce procedure, etc.)
  • Next, you answer questions in a more in-depth online interview. You will be asked to provide some personal data such as your residence, contact info of the parties involved, and your court. The system obtains the necessary info to collect and prepare the forms and documents according to local laws, regulations, and the personal circumstances of the couple. Like that, the process is started.

How to receive and submit completed paperwork

Once the divorce forms are ready, the customer receives an email notification from, and both spouses obtain access to the paperwork. The couple can download the documents as PDF files and review them. At this stage in the process, some changes or new details may be implemented in the case, and the support team can help with this.

So, the forms are ready to be printed, signed, notarized, and filed. Please check which court you have to submit your case to (this also depends on the residency requirements of your state). Learn the filing rules – OnlineDivorce also will provide you with step-by-step filing instructions. Sign the documents and submit your petition to the relevant court.

Ready Time
Customers appreciate OnlineDivorce for its quick and accurate work process. The company states that creating and providing you with all the needed divorce papers takes up to two days. Divorcees who’ve made use of the service confirm that this information is true. They also affirm that there were no delays or situations such as expired customer support. Access to the files is free and permanent for both spouses. Thus, the clients can deal with their case at their own pace, with no worries.

When starting an uncontested divorce, a person thinks not only about their desire to call it quits "amicably," but also about the excellent opportunity to save time and money. For some people, money matters are the biggest motivators for an uncontested divorce. And as it turns out, this saved money leads to a less stressful divorce and a happier post-divorce life – without the bad aftertaste of court fights, unnecessary blaming and unsettled grievances.

Now, you should not agree on an unreliable service just because it is cheap. But the intention to save money is natural and reasonable. OnlineDivorce tries to provide quality service without jeopardizing both its reputation and your budget.

The basic package of divorce forms costs $139, which makes OnlineDivorce one of the most affordable cyber-divorce services. This fee includes easy-to-follow filling instructions, online client support, and name change options. Along with that, you can be sure that the price is what it claims to be; no hidden fees are charged. A guarantee of court acceptance of your paperwork or your money back is one more financial bonus to dispel all doubts.

Can I Arrange a DIY Divorce With OnlineDivorce?
The answer is yes. OnlineDivorce is perfect for those who seek to hop on the DIY divorce trend

What is a DIY divorce, and how do I know whether it’s a good idea for my case?

A DIY divorce implies that the spouses not only resolve all their issues out-of-court (like with uncontested divorces) but also proceed without any legal assistance. In terms of family law, they act as "self-represented litigants."

This option suits you if:

  • you and your spouse do not have children together;
  • both of you are employed and support yourselves;
  • you do not have lots of marital property, assets or debts (a short-term marriage);


there are no complicated issues of contention between you and your spouse. Or, you are both ready to cooperate and negotiate to solve them, creating a Marital Agreement and/or Parenting Plan jointly.

Notice that mutual desire to end the marriage and open dialogue are essential parts of a DIY divorce. If you are not sure that your soon-to-be ex-spouse is honest, you should think twice before foregoing assistance from a divorce attorney. So, if you consider yourself a good candidate for a DIY divorce, you have two choices – arrange a divorce by yourself or ease the process with the help of a third-party service like OnlineDivorce.

How OnlineDivorce can help?

The thing is that although filing for divorce without a lawyer is allowed and possible, it can be pretty challenging, especially for a person without a legal background. Even a quite simple uncontested divorce case involves numerous papers and forms, which all must be filled out according to relevant laws. If the petitioner ignores a particular divorce form or misses a tiny detail, the court will not approve the paperwork and order the petitioner to start all over again. In this way, a simple divorce can turn into a drawn-out process due to the inattentiveness and inexperience of self-represented litigants.OnlineDivorce handles the issues of bureaucracy so that you don’t have to fumble through tons of papers or internalize tedious and complicated instructions.

OnlineDivorce is not a legal firm, and support provided by the service deals with the preparation of divorce forms only. However, anyone who finds it challenging to collect the necessary paperwork kit, complete it correctly, and arrange their divorce independently should appreciate this helpful tool.

The price factor also bears repeating. Expenses for an uncontested procedure with OnlineDivorce are restricted to the cost of the service ($139) and the mandatory court filing fee (between $50 and $450, depending on the state). Attorneys charge much higher payments even when it comes to simple and uncontested dissolutions. Thus, is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to save both money and effort and arrange a DIY divorce, but worries about potential bureaucratic issues and does not want to take unnecessary risks.

Customer Support
The qualified customer service team is an essential part of OnlineDivorce. Some people tend to think that when using a website without direct interaction with a court clerk, paralegal, or counselor, they will be left alone with all their questions and troubles. But it's not like that at all. Although the OnlineDivorce staff are not eligible to provide legal advice and cannot replace a divorce attorney, they are always in touch via phone. Also, you can set up a consultation through the website.

You will be provided with a comprehensive guide throughout the process of online divorce and all the steps you need to take to obtain and register your divorce forms. OnlineDivorce’s professional customer support team is regarded quite highly by clients who have divorced through the service. Customers continue to thank the employees for clear answers and a friendly and supportive tone.

All questions and issues, except legal ones, will be answered and clarified. If you need a particular explanation, the staff will refer you to the specific state law. That way you can read and study it by yourself if you are arranging a divorce without a legal representative. In any case, the customer never feels frustrated or abandoned when contacting the OnlineDivorce team.

Wrapping Up
Nowadays, the majority of divorcing couples opt for an uncontested divorce. Therefore, various methods of making the dissolution process smoother are being developed to meet the growing demand.

So, if you are leaning towards an uncontested divorce without an attorney, as you consider it a way to spend less time and money, as well as avoid the stress and quarrels usually associated with court litigation, you have two choices. You may act independently, and this would be a pure DIY divorce, or you can use the help of third-party services and tools. For example, you may hire an attorney just for a particular part of the job, or you may attend parenting classes to resolve co-parenting issues jointly with your spouse. You may seek a tax/insurance/financial expert to sort out the division of your marital property, or enlist the help of a divorce mediator to establish a dialogue with your spouse and draw up a Marital Agreement. The most popular of these supporting tools, no doubt, is online divorce form preparation. Paperwork is a mandatory stage of any divorce, and all couples who go lawyer-free will thus face its ensuing difficulties.

Luckily, OnlineDivorce is here to help. As one of the pioneers in this field, OnlineDivorce values its reputation, as does every client who’s entrusted the company with this essential part of their divorce. This inspires the company to continue providing transparent and affordable service. The cost of the OnlineDivorce paperwork kit is among the lowest on the market – just $139, with no hidden fees. All the paperwork can be prepared within two days, and any possible problems are immediately considered and solved by the winning-award customer support team.


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